We are the solution

Healthcare marketing is at the core of StreamLined's foundation. For over 6 years, StreamLined has been working with healthcare companies to increase their number of new patients and keep their existing patients engaged with the practice. We've seen the transformative power of providing quality healthcare to those who need it and our goal is to help communicate the quality and necessity of your healthcare firm to impact the community at-large. StreamLined Health is also a partnership; we bring our communication and creative expertise and you continue to bring your healthcare expertise. This partnership has resulted in millions of dollars in value and hundreds of happy patients served.

Our Team

You get the best of both worlds. A team with cutting edge insight to today’s world
of media, marketing, advertising and technology colliding with pro level experiences and connections within the creative & communication field.

Darren W Martin Jr.

Founder & CEO, SMC
President, StreamLined R.D.D.

Ahmad T. Barber

Managing Partner, SMC
President, StreamLined Creative Studios

Biana Bakman

Chief Operating Officer

Tevin Jones

Director, Research
& Strategic Partnerships